Corona Speech

“I think the thing most people don’t understand is that the lock down is in place to slow the progression of the disease, NOT to eradicate it by end of May.

I think people are missing the point because they naively think the govt will somehow get rid of it so life goes back to normal. These are people who have ignored the global reality since January. This is the dangerous delusional thinking that some people are applying in their assessment of the situation when advocating we should stop the lockdown because they are literally only waking up to this thing now, or when we were initially shut down. So let’s lift the curtain a bit.

  • Slowing down the disease so that hospitals can cope with the sick. It does not mean eradicating the disease all together.

  • No government will be able to eradicate the disease this year until a cure or a vaccine is found.

  • There is NO going back to normal. Your normal will not exist for at least a year. Economies globally will keep bleeding and we are likely to have rolling lockdowns until a vaccine is found.

  • Even when the ban is lifted, tourism and hospitality industry, and many others will not see an increase in business for at least a year.

  • The decisions made in the lockdown like no alcohol and no dog walking or running and no e-commerce are not made with the privileged in mind. They are made with the masses in mind. What you allow in the urbans you must allow in the townships and those two things look very different in execution.

Now our government is doing the best it can and they have reacted faster than most developed countries. Our progress is still better than most and right now.

So please please we all need to do whatever we can to help our neighbors, help each other, support our government and stop having delusional ideas about any level of normalcy at the end of this month. Adjust your projections and hunker down.

Normal is dead. Let that sink in. But hope is very much alive!

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