Irrfan Khan

A personal tribute to Irrfan Khan

Just a few days ago I had watched Irrfan khan’s Angrezi Medium and was awestruck by his performance. He played the role of a father who wants to fulfill his daughter’s dreams at any cost like most of the Indian parents would do for their children. The end of the movie left me with a sense of fulfilment that too in a very calm manner. Maybe that was his strength, to convey simple life changing messages effortlessly.

To be very true I was never a fan of his, I had seen some of his movies but he never struck me as a very charming or great actor. Back then he was just another actor for me who did a fine job. Maybe I was too imbecile to understand his work.

My perception towards him changed after watching Paan Singh Tomar, I had watched it just to kill time but after the movie ended I was left with no words. The way he played Paan Sing, an athlete turned dacoit was speechless. The movie then set a series of biographical movies in Bollywood, with many other of the same genre gaining audiences.

According to me Irrfan’s ability to connect with the audience in a special kind of way made him stand out of the rest. Even though there was a screen between I never felt its presence, I used to forget my own reality and would join him in the situations he faced on screen. The way to not only deliver dialogues but have a conversation with the audience through the screen is a very tough art and he used to do it without breaking a sweat.

His death is not only a great loss to Bollywood but I feel it’s sort of a personal loss to me. 

“The road was still long, the journey still alive, adieu you said, and left us with a smile”.


You will be missed……..


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