A shame for humanity and humankind as a whole

We Indians have always been connected with nature and have worshiped it like God. We have always paid our gratitude to each part of mother earth, let it be any plant, tree, or creature and have lived parallely with them on this beautiful planet.  Evidence of this is the various festivals we celebrate as gratitude towards animals like worshiping bulls (Pola, in Maharashtra), worshiping snakes (Nagpanchami), Gai Gohri in Gujarat and so many.

Nearly 10,000 years ago we humans started domesticating animals along with farming and agriculture. With time we got so connected with them that we started treating them like our family. That’s why a dog is considered as “A man’s best friend”, it’s also said that one day your life partner could leave you but if you feed a dog just once, he’ll be your lifetime partner! We have established a relationship with them which requires no language to understand each other, it just requires love, affection & care.

Humans are the most advanced and intelligent creatures on this planet and have excelled their brains up to surprising levels. Still, we do not even think twice before killing an innocent animal by giving her a fruit stuffed with crackers, who did not harm us and was just in search of food so that she could fulfill the duty of her motherhood by providing nutrients to the baby she was carrying.

The incident occurred in Kerala when a pregnant elephant had wandered out of the silent valley to a nearby village searching for food. She must have felt happy when she saw that pineapple but it cost a life to her. As she ate it, it exploded in her mouth leaving too many injuries and lots of pain, because of the pain she couldn’t eat something and continued starving for days. Even in such pain she did not harm the village & villagers and tried to save her baby whom she was about to give birth after 18-20 months by entering the Villiyar River, but unfortunately died standing there.

A similar incident happened In April in the same state. Even that elephant had injuries in the mouth (fractured jaw), and the reports are still awaited.

According to the Indian Wildlife Protection Act, capturing, trapping, poisoning, or baiting of any wild animal or attempting to do so carry a jail term up to 7 years or RS.25,000 fine or in some cases both. But the question we need to ask ourselves is, “Was those two innocent lives worth just Rs. 25,000?” .



A question rises in my mind

Does “Humanity” mean anything to us?


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