Major debates over students’ exams

The Supreme court has stated that final year students will have to appear for exams in order to pass them. “State cannot promote students without final year examinations, “the apex court said. The states can however postpone the exams which were set to be held on 30th September.

The corona pandemic has led to a major battle between the center and state governments. Apart from the final year exams a major row is going on about JEE and NEET examinations which are going to be held in September. 

All the non-BJP ruled states have come together in order to plead the central government to postpone these exams as this is a question of students’ future and their lives. 

According to the central government students would lose an academic year if these exams were to be cancelled or postponed to the next year. But the rapid increase in COVID patients has led to protests from many students and their families on social media platforms.

Sonia Gandhi said in her video message, “My dear students, I feel for you because you are now facing a very difficult situation. The issue of your exams, of when they should be taken up and where, is the most important issue not only for you but your family too, 

“You are our future. We depend on you to build a better India. Therefore, if any decision has to be taken regarding your future, it is important that it is being taken with your concurrence. I hope the government listens to you, listens to your voices and act upon your wishes. This is my advice to the government. Thank you. Jai Hind,” she further added.

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