China tells US to back off

China has asked the US to not meddle in the India China border disputes as both the countries are capable enough to work it out through talks in a peaceful manner. 

The statement came after US deputy secretary of state Stephen Biegun, who had said Washington will push back against Beijing’s aggressive actions, including its “outsized” territorial claims on the border with India.

Chinese embassy spokesperson Ji Rong said, “fair, reasonable and mutually acceptable solution through peaceful and friendly consultations”

She also added, “China and India have the ability to resolve their border disputes bilaterally. We don’t accept countries outside the region pointing fingers, let alone meddling or making instigation, which will only endanger the regional peace and stability. The Chinese side firmly opposes it. We urge the US side to respect facts and truth, stop smearing and spreading rumors.”

The long-drawn battle between the two power nations has taken new form as both the countries try to involve themselves in matters where the other is present. 

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