Dubai bans Air India Flights till 2nd Oct.

Dubai has banned all Air India Express Flights from India till 2nd Oct. the decision was taken after the aforementioned flight carried a COVID positive traveller from Jaipur on September 4. This the second time that the Air India flights are banned in a country, previously the Hong Kong government had banned them for the same reason.

The ban will be for 15 days that is, from 18th September to 2nd of October.

For the passengers who have already booked a ticket to Dubai, all their respective flights will be diverted to Sharjah. “For the resumption of operation to Dubai Airports, you will be requested to submit a detailed corrective action/procedure implemented to prevent such incidents from occurring again, for this authority review and assessment,” the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority has said.

Also, the Air India airline will be notified to pay all the expenditure incurred by the respective authorities for medical services and quarantine of the passenger and of other passengers in the mentioned flight.

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