Pune RTO resumes its work for learning license tests

Pune City is slowly repining after the lockdown. Many government offices have started functioning again. One of them is the Regional Transport Office (RTO) Pune, which had been closed due to the nationwide lockdown since the past four months due to COVID-19 and various works of RTO has been stopped.

The Regional Transport Office (RTO) has now started its daily operations and citizens are making so much crowd in the office premises to get their work done. To reduce the crowd at the RTO office, officials making people maintain social distancing, the RTO authorities announced that from Monday, September 21, the learning license tests will be conducted from morning 7:30 am to 6 pm. Applicants will be called in seven different slots throughout the day.

“Over the last few days, it was noticed that there is a heavy rush at the learning license department, so we decided not to risk the public health during this pandemic and took the decision to start learning license tests from 7:30 am. Accordingly, the revised online quota appointments will be given to the applications starting from September 21. There will be seven slots throughout the day of 1.5 hours each and in each slot, only 100 applicants will be called to give the test. So, each day we will conduct 700 tests for learning licenses at the department and will maintain proper social distancing,” said Pune regional transport officer Ajith Shinde.

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