India is building massive infrastructure near border to counter China

India ramped up its infrastructure in border areas, many of them providing all weather access along the disputed border with China. India inaugurated 44 bridges, most of them are to give quick access to the borders.

Eight bridges in Arunachal Pradesh which connect Indian troops to remote areas in the northeast region in any weather, eight in Ladakh where both the countries have standoff with massive deployment from both the sides and four in the Himalaya region where the countries witnessed Dokalam standoff in 2017.

The rapid increase in building infrastructure comes at the time when both the countries are facing a long standoff since June, these infrastructures allow faster movement of troops, artillery, tanks and missiles to border areas at the time of conflict or to counter China’s aggression in border areas.

“These bridges are designed to facilitate movement of heavy civil and military traffic in border areas,” said Lieutenant General Harpal Singh from the Border Roads Organization which builds all infrastructure along South Asian nation’s borders.

India has completed 74 strategic roads along the eastern border, with plans to finish 20 more by next year. It will reduce the time taken to move war material by half and help 431 villages that lie across the region during the Covid-19 outbreak and its also a need  of an hour when you see China is building massive infrastructure alongside its borders.

At the start of the standoff, India tweaked its law on foreign investment to make it mandatory for companies from countries that share a land border to seek government approval to acquire local firms and has tightened visa rules for Chinese nationals.

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