Three leaders quit People’s Democratic Party

Mehbooba Mufti’s comments on Indian national flag has brought under intense criticism as well as a major blow to her party, People’s Democratic Party (PDP). 

Three leaders, TS Bajwa, Ved Mahajan and Hussain A Waffa sent a single resignation letter to her saying they were “feeling quite uncomfortable” over her statements and actions.

“We are feeling quite uncomfortable over some of your actions and undesirable utterances especially which hurt patriotic sentiments…Instead of overcoming the challenges from within and outside by a process of broader consultations and trust, some elements within the party pulling the party and the leadership in a particular direction, thus deviating from the basic principles, agenda and philosophy, making it difficult to face the saner voices in the society,” they wrote in the letter.

“In view of this, we feel uncomfortable and suffocated in the party, forcing us to take difficult decision of leaving the party,” they added.

The former Chief Minister of Jammu & Kashmir, Mufti was released after spending 14 months in detention under the Public Safety Act. On Friday she said that she would not fly the flag until the decision to end J&K’s special status under article 370 was rolled back. She called the central government “robbers” and demanded the restoring J&K’s separate flag.

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