Terrorist attack in Austria

There was a terrorist attack in the Austrian capital, Vienna on Monday. At least six locations were attacked by the Gunmen, who were equipped with Automatic rifles. At least two were killed and 14 have been reported injured. One gunman was killed by the police, while others are still on the loose.

Witnesses described the men firing into crowds in bars with automatic rifles, as many people took advantage of the last evening before a nationwide curfew was introduced because of COVID-19. Police shot and killed one assailant.

The attack which started from the city’s main synagogue, is being called a “repulsive terrorist attack”. Interior Minister Karl Nehammer said at a news conference, “It is the hardest day for Austria in many years. We are dealing with a terror attack the severity of which, thank God, we have not experienced in Austria in many years.”

The government has launched a massive manhunt for the perpetrator who is believed to be on the run. Nehammer said, “According to what we currently know, at least one perpetrator is still on the run. We have brought several Special Forces units together that are now searching for the presumed terrorists. I am therefore not limiting it to an area of Vienna, because these are mobile perpetrators.”

PM Modi wrote on his twitter handle, “Deeply shocked and saddened by the dastardly terror attacks in Vienna. India stands with Austria during this tragic time. My thoughts are with the victims and their families.”

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