Kabul gets Bombed by ISIS

The green zone of the Afghanistan capital Kabul was bombarded with nearly twenty-three rockets on Saturday. The area has many embassies and various international firms based there. Eight civilians were reported dead and a dozen were injured. However, the final is expected to change.

The rockets are believed to be fired from a truck and an investigation is underway to know how the vehicle came inside the city undetected, Tariq Arian, spokesman for the interior ministry said.

The ISIL (ISIS) affiliate in Afghanistan has taken responsibility for the attack on the capital. Earlier the Taliban was thought to be behind the attack but they denied their hand in it by stating that, they do not blindly fire on public places.

“The rocket attack in Kabul city has nothing to do with the mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate,” Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said, using the group’s name for Afghanistan.

Earlier this month a few gunmen had entered the Kabul University and opened fire and killed 35 people, 18 among them were students and more 50 were injured. That attack was also claimed by ISIS. 

Earlier this week, the Pentagon said it would soon pull some 2,000 troops out of Afghanistan, speeding up the timeline established in a February agreement between Washington and the Taliban that envisions a full US withdrawal in mid-2021.

US president-elect Joe Biden, in a rare point of agreement with Trump, also advocates winding down the Afghanistan war.

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