Guarantee on MSP, tax on private Mandis : Center drafts proposal

Center has finally sent a draft proposal to allay the concerns of thousands of farmers who are protesting against the new agriculture laws at various areas of Delhi.

In the draft proposal from the Center it assured the farmers that it will provide a written assurance that the existing Minimum Support Price (MSP) system will continue.

The proposal comes a day after farmers leaders met Union Minister Amit Shah, the government said that its ready to make necessary amendments in the laws.

The government also said that its ready to provide clarification on the concerns of new laws related to agriculture.

Center’s Draft Proposals

  • Government is ready to give written assurance that the MSP system will stay.
  • Government is ready to amend the laws to allow states to register private traders for trading outside regulated mandis. In such mandis, state governments will be able to impose cess/fee as applicable at APMCs.
  • Government will make amendments to give farmers the option to approach civil courts to resolve disputes.
  • Government has assured farmers that no loan can be availed for any type of construction done on contracted land and nor can the sponsor encroach upon such construction after the contract ends.
  • Government has assured that lease, mortgage or sale of farmers’ land is prohibited. It also prohibits sponsors from acquiring ownership rights or making modifications on such land.

But after all the assurance from the Centre the farmers rejected the draft proposal and said that the government must repeal the new law.

On attaching farm land under contract farming, the government said the existing provision is clear but still it can be clarified further if required.

The next round of talks between the government and farm union leaders, which was scheduled for Wednesday morning, has also been cancelled.

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