Capitol violence shook the democratic world

After so much turmoil in Capitol Hill Trump finally said there would be an “orderly transition on January 20th” after Congress certify Joe Biden as new President of America.

A major setback for American democracy when protests turned violent on Capitol Hill when supporters of Trump gathered around the main building and entered the building during the Congress session.

According to the latest reports 52 people were arrested and 4 dead in the violence, the arrests were based on violence done by rioters like breaking windows,climbing on rafters, ripping down U.S flag and roaming around the Senate Chamber.

The woman who was shot and killed during rioting in the Capitol on Wednesday was identified as 35-year-old Ashli Babbitt, a California native and Air Force veteran, said her former husband.

Both the House and Senate and the entire Capitol were placed under a lockdown. Vice President Mike Pence and lawmakers were evacuated to safe locations.

The FBI issued a public call for “tips and digital media ” which would help them to identify rioters who invaded the Capitol and vandalized the historic remark.

Leaders around the world condemn the incident and say it is a big setback for democracy and for American people.

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