Demand for online exam for SPPU students is likely to be fulfilled

Thousands of students who enrolled in college affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU) have started a social media campaign demanding that the upcoming exams be conducted online mode, sources said it is likely to be fulfilled.

A special meeting is held on Tuesday at SPPU by the Board of Examination (BoE) where the decision of mode of examination and other details will be discussed.

Some senior officials from the university said that the final decision will be taken only after deliberation at the BoE but it appears that it’s going to be  in students’ favour.

Officials said that the major argument in favour of the online mode of examinations is the time saved in conducting examinations and declaring results and manpower too

Mahesh Kakade, Director, Board of Examination and Evaluation, SPPU said, “This time, we will have students from first-year degree to the fifth year for regular exams plus the backlog students, which means the numbers are extremely high. If the regular offline mode of examinations is to be conducted, it takes more than 72 days to conduct exams. It is because there are so many subjects, optional subjects plus diploma courses and all. We have to stagger it out so a student takes one subject exam a day, hence it takes time. In online mode, the same time is reduced to 40 days, saving us one month. Exams are of one-hour duration, we can even offer 2 papers a day.”

In offline mode, the Central assessment programme has to be followed where assessors are to be present in a particular place for corrections whereas, in online mode, data can be collected and results processed quickly.

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